Wiiuse - The Wiimote C Library

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Wiiuse is a library written in C that connects with several Nintendo Wii remotes. Supports motion sensing, IR tracking, nunchuk, classic controller, and the Guitar Hero 3 controller. Single threaded and nonblocking makes a light weight and clean API.

Em descarrego la versió de la llibreria per a Linux: wiiuse_v0.12_src.tar.gz


	Wiiuse currently operates on both Linux and Windows.

	You will need:

	For Linux:

		- The kernel must support bluetooth

		- The BlueZ bluetooth drivers must be installed

jo el BlueZ bluetooth drivers em sembla que ja ho tinc instal.lat.



		You need SDL and OpenGL installed to compile the SDL example.

		# make [target]

		If 'target' is omitted then everything is compiled.

		Where 'target' can be any of the following:

			- wiiuse

				Compiles libwiiuse.so

			- ex

				Compiles wiiuse-example

			- sdl-ex

				Compiles wiiuse-sdl

		Become root.

		# make install

		The above command will only install the binaries that you

		selected to compile.

		wiiuse.so is installed to /usr/lib

		wiiuse-example and wiiuse-sdl are installed to /usr/bin

S'ha instal.lat correctament:

$ ls /usr/lib/libwii*

$ ls /usr/bin/wii*
/usr/bin/wiiuse-example  /usr/bin/wiiuse-sdl

Aleshores connecto el meu bluetooth USB:

/usr/bin$ ./wiiuse-example 
wiiuse v0.12 loaded.
  By: Michael Laforest <thepara[at]gmail{dot}com>
  http://wiiuse.net  http://wiiuse.sf.net
[INFO] Found 0 bluetooth device(s).

i ara falta connectar el Wiimote

creat per Joan Quintana Compte, maig 2010