Vocabulari anglès empresarial

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accounts department: departament de comptabilitat (n)
advertise (to): anunciar (v)
AGM: Annual General Meeting (ac)
asset: assentament (comptabilitat) (n)
bargain: negoci, ocasió, ganga (n)
billboard: cartellera (n)
black economy: economia submergida (n)
blue-collar worker: operari (n)
boardroom: sala de juntes (n)
BOM: Bill of Materials (llista de materials)(ac)
BPO: Business Partner Officer (ac)
brand: marca (n)
brief: sumari, instruccions (n)
   -...but that wasn't part of the brief you set us
budget: pressupost (n)
CEO: Chief Executive Officer (ac)
chairman: president (n)
consumer: client (n)
COO: Chief Operating Officer (ac)
CTO: Chief Technology Officer (ac)
customer: client (n)
deadline: plaç, data límit (n)
debt: deuda (n)
deliver (to): entregar (v)
delivery: entrega (n)
ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival (ac)
facilities: instal.lacions, comoditats (n)
GNP: Gross National Product (ac)
goal: objectiu (n)
goods: béns, articles (n)
Gross Domestic Product: PIB, Producte Interior Brut (ac)
HCM: Human Capital Management (ac)
headquarters: seu, oficina central (n)
HRM: Human Resources Management (ac)
in bulk: a l'engròs (av)
investment: inversió (n)
invoice: factura (n)
make a deal: fer un tracte (v)
maternity leave: permís per maternitat (n)
OSS: Open Source Software (ac)
outlook: perspectiva, pronòstic, punt de vista (n)
   -Spain Employment Outlook 2009
overhead: despeses generals (n)
payoff: guany, rendabilitat (n)
point of sale: punt de venda (n)
product launch: llençament del producte (n)
prospect: perspectiva (n)
   -I'm very happy with our sales prospects for the next year
provider: proveïdor (n)
purchase: compra (n)
recruit (to): contractar, reclutar (v)
report: informe (n)
   -sales report
retail: detall (n); vendre al detall (v)
ROI: return of investment (ac)
Sales Department: Departament de Vendes (n)
salesforce: accions de vendes (n)
   -Automation Sales Force
schedule: programa, calendari, horari (n)
SMB: Small and Midsize Business (ac)
SME: Small and Midsize Enterprise (ac)
SOHO: Small Office Home Office: petit negoci, autònom, tenda (ac)
staff: plantilla (n)
supply (to): subministrar, proveir (v)
target: objectiu, meta ()
   -teenagera are our target customers
TCO: Total Cost of Ownership (ac)
   -Open Source recuces TCO up to 90%
to dismiss: acomiadar (v)
turnover: volum de negocis (n)
   -turnover is above 1 billion Indian Rupees
uptake: receptció (n)
   -He's not very quick on the uptake
VAT: Value Added Tax, IVA (ac)
venture funding: capital risc (n)
wage: salari (n)
warehouse: magatzem (n)
wares: mercaderies (n)
   -software, hardware, houseware
white-collar worker: oficinista, professional (n)
wholesale: majorista (n); venda a l'engròs (av)
   -Buy Wholesale Products from China

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