Què és un DMS?

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In the OSS document management (DMS) space there are two primary choices: Alfresco and KnowledgeTree (KT). Other systems that do content management, like Plone or Drupal, are often suggested as DMSs, but in my opinion while they maybe great for managing websites they aren’t really designed for a business DMS.

The primary reason for a DMS over a file share is to improve the sharing and auditing of business documents. For this there are some key considerations:

  • Methods for easily organising and storing documents
  • Security and protection
  • Ability to add meta-data
  • Option to search inside documents
  • Version control and transaction tracking
  • A document work flow system

Short View:

Alfresco Benefits:

Java based CIFS server Document symlinks Inline previews Powerflow aspect and work flow functionality Good set of additional built-in language translations Strong methods for internal document conversion using aspects Concerns:

Lack of clear and up to date documentation Multiple XML files in several locations for configuration Pricing is not open Installation is a PITA Long term maintenance of a OSS installation could be an worry Knowledge Tree Benefits:

Easy to install - 10 minutes Easy to configure and maintain Very good documentation Basics done well Seems to have a strong community Concerns:

Scalability UI could be more usable Additional translations provided by community and could be out of date Webdav access not ideal, requires buying commercial version for proprietary KTexplorer tool