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Paraules clau: Marble machines, kinetic sculpture, perpetual motion, goldberg machines, mecanismes d'escapament, etc.

Marble Machine

Hand crack marble climbing machine:

Màquina de sumar binària: (hi ha tots els plànols)

Rotating marble machine.png

Rotating Marble Machine

En el comentari del video hi ha una mica d'explicació del funcionament.

The thread connecting the two weights is wound around a reel on the axis of the front part. As one of the weights is heavier, the front wants to rotate. Where the marble reaches the "bottom", there are two levers. These levers prevent the machine from spinning while the marble is on the track, and release the machine every time the marble hits one of them. The levers also work as a ratchet mechanism to allow easy winding up.

creat per Joan Quintana Compte, abril 2016