AMS: Alsa Modular Synth

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sudo apt-get install ams
AlsaModularSynth(1)                                                                                        AlsaModularSynth(1)

       AlsaModularSynth (AMS) - A software synthesizer modeled after modular patching synthesizers

       ams [OPTIONS]

       The  AlsaModularSynth  (AMS)  is a software synthesizer designed after the great analog modular synths of the 1960s. It
       employs virtual control voltages (VC) for each module's parameter control, using the the Moog synthesizer's 1V/oct log‐
       arithmic control scale for its oscillator and filter functions.

       Following the modular synth model AMS supplies the user with a variety of sound-producing and sound-processing software
       modules such as digital oscillators, filters, amplifiers, and DSP effects. These modules are linked together  (patched)
       to  create  complex audio synthesis networks. These network patches can be played in realtime via MIDI or internal con‐
       trol structures, and they may be saved and reloaded at will.

Interessant mirar les File > Open > /usr/share/ams/demos. Hi ha demos que sonen soles, i d'altres que has de fer la connexió del vkeybd... per exemple, example_ams_demo_scope_spectrum_mcpvcf.ams

Els paràmetres del AlsaModularSynth segur que es poden controlar amb un controlador MIDI com el Axiom 25.

  • View > Preferences > MIDI > MIDI controller mode
  • View > Control Center. Aquí és on puc lligar un paràmetre del controlador midi amb un paràmetre del synth.