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És una plataforma groupware basada en la web 2.0



Coordina amb el teu equip tasques, reunions, cites i altra informació important relacionada amb el teu negoci.

  • Shared Calendar
Coordinate the schedule of your team members, find empty time slots for meeting and never miss a deadline again.
  • Assignment of Tasks
Organize and manage the tasks in your team more efficiently and assign them to other users with only a few clicks. Keep track of the effort that went into the task and complete your projects on time.
  • Central Contact Management
Don’t waste time anymore looking for contacts or updating multiple databases. With Groupion you can manage your contacts more efficiently and then synchronize them with other applications such as MS Outlook.
  • Link Sharing
With Groupion you can not only save your bookmarks and access them from anyplace, but you can also share your links with other colleagues. This way you can optimize the search for information and provide interesting resources to others.
  • Notebook
Easily create notes for yourself or publish them to provide information for others.


Increase your productivity through fast and goal-oriented information exchange and communication!

  • Business-oriented Email
All processes rely on communication. With Groupion you can not only read and write emails, but you can also trigger and automate follow up processes.
  • Central File Repository
Often you might need to exchange files and documents with colleagues. With Groupion you can exchange files via the integrated file repository that automatically keeps track of new versions.
  • Forum
A forum is the perfect instrument to communicate within a team and will help to coordinate your efforts. Groupion offers an internal forum that can be made accessible to external partners as well.
  • RSS Newsreader
To survive on a global market it is of utmost importance to stay informed about what is going on. With the RSS reader you can subscribe to newsfeeds and blogs and read them directly within Groupion.

Recursos Empresarials

Groupion Enterprise Resources connects your physical assets with the flow of information in your company.

  • Stock Management
The Groupion stock management gives you real time access to information regarding your stock items. It tracks production processes as well as depletions and helps you to automate your procurement.
  • Transaction Monitoring
Groupion automatically accounts for transactions such as incoming orders or completed production processes in compliance with audit requirements.
  • Stock Evaluation
Groupion does not only provide you with information regarding the amount of stocked items, but also evaluates your physical assets according to multiple common valuation methods.
  • Procurement
Groupion helps you to evaluate and manage your suppliers, automates the creation of order forms and tracks open orders.
  • Assembly Management
Groupion automatically accounts for material used in assembly processes. Based on parts lists, raw material is removed from your stock and finished products are added respectively.

Relació amb els clients

Increase the satisfaction of your customers through the combination of groupware and CRM.

  • Offer Management and Billing
The creation of offer, order and invoice documents will not bother you with Groupion. Templates will create the necessary documents using the data that you administer in Groupion with a single click. This way you save time and enables you to increase your team's revenue generation.
  • Case Management
Track, evaluate and execute business cases in an integrated and holistic tool. You can design individual workflows and automate them from the assignment of a manager to the creation of the invoice for the customer.
  • Contract Management
Interaction with other companies and organizations is often based on contractual relationships. Groupion helps you to manage your contracts efficiently and can create ready to print documents.
  • Customer Management
The customer management provides you with easy access to all elements and information associated with a customer – be it a simple email or a service contract signed last year. This way you can create transparency and a sound basis for a long term success story.
  • Campaign Management
With Groupion you can carry out marketing campaigns, too. Among others it helps you to track costs and achieved results. You can also send out mass mailing to the recipients through the integrated mailing list feature.


Estàndar iXML

There are no two companies which have exactly the same processes and structures. It is our goal to provide you with many options for customization while keeping the realization and implementation of your wishes as simple as possible.

To achieve this goal, Groupion introduced the iXML standard. iXML is a programming language based on XML and was developed exclusively for the use with Groupion. Using iXML you can adapt your Groupion platform without modifying the very program itself, as it is the case with many other solutions.

This approach adds to transparency and security of your platform and ensures that your individual modifications and extensions are maintained even when you updated your platform to a new version.

  • Data Exchange
  • Runtime Services
  • Graphs and Reports
  • Data Extensions
  • Print and PDF