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Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition

La Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition és un paquet open source de business intelligence package que inclou ETL, analisi, metadata, i capacitats de fer informes.

Dins la pestanya community (vull baixar-me la versió Community, no la Enterprise) vaig a download:

No omplo el formulari i vaig directament a SourceForge

Em baixo el Business Intelligence Server 2.0.0 (fitxer biserver-ce-2.0.0.stable.tar.gz, 121 MB) i també em baixo el community_user_guide.pdf (Fitxer:Community user guide.pdf)

Pentaho BI Server


Pentaho BI Server (3.5.2)

Em descarrego el fitxer biserver-ce-3.5.2.stable.tar.gz (134MB, 25-2-2010). Aquest és el que necessito per integrar-lo amb el Openbravo.


Segueixo el primer dels how-to

Search for the solution-path entry and make sure that it looks like this:


Also make sure that this entry points to the port Tomcat is listening at:


If you want to make Pentaho available in your network or from the internet, you must replace localhost by the computer hostname or local IP, for the internet use the IP address provided by your ISP. Or you can use apache as reverse proxy…

Next to do is disable Tomcat security. For security reasons Tomcat forbids the execution of some jar files needed by Pentaho. It can be disabled by editing the Tomcat startup script and set security off:

    sudo nano /etc/init.d/tomcat5.5

# Use the Java security manager? (yes/no)

Configure the Pentaho database connections and data

The Pentaho PCI and the manual installation comes with HSQLDB databases, we have to load that databases into MySQL:
- Quartz (Used for scheduling)
- Sampledata (the data used by the sample solutions)
- Hibernate (used for security and other settings)
You can find the datafiles in /tmp/biserver-manual-ce/pentaho-data/hsqldb

The archive delivers also datafiles in MySQL, Oracle10g and PostgreSQL format. But not all the data is completed, we miss all the sample data and some of the hibernate tables are incorrect for use by MySQL. So first we adjust the hibernate table which misses the user authentication tables:

    cd biserver-manual-ce/pentaho-data/postgresql
S'ha d'importar els .sql a PostgreSQL

mysql -u root -p
source create_repository_mysql.sql
source create_quartz_mysql.sql
source create_sample_datasource_mysql.sql
source load_sample_users_mysql.sql