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playmobil 3d object for blender

pregunta en el forum de Synfig (13/1/2013):

This topic is not exactly related with synfig, but I think is the right place to ask. I'm planning to make a play mobile stop motion film with my children. Searching youtube I saw films like this one:

and this is not stop motion, isn't it? How can I make a similar one, what software (Linux) can I use. Is synfig useful for make a similar film? How can I achiveve this precision of movement and animation?


I don't think the video you linked is made with the stop motion technique, pal. It's a 3D animation probably made with programs like 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender or similars.
However, if you want to work with stop motion there are specific programs too. Try Stop Motion Pro or Dragonframe. I hope this will help you. :)

the film was done in 3d rendering/modeling /

if you choose to do your film in 3d, you can try blender .

playmobil 3d object for blender

La idea és que hi ha una llibreria a Blender per fer pel.lículues amb els personatges de Playmobil:

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